Monday, 23 November 2015

Rush powered by WeChat will fundamentally alter SA's courier business

Johannesburg, Monday, 23 November 2015: Rush is the new digital disruptor that is about to transform the courier business in South Africa. As a courier aggregator, Rush enables a customer using their mobile phone to choose a courier solution that meets their requirements by comparing couriers, their prices and delivery services in real-time.

Thanks to Rush for Mobile, powered by WeChat, the days of having to brave the traffic to go to the nearest branch of a courier, stand in queues and then still pay exorbitant rates to send a parcel are long gone. The Rush motto is: 'Your courier, your choice'; customers can now experience the convenience of using their mobile phones to choose the right courier, book, pay for and track parcel deliveries, while being offered support via a call centre.

According to Glenn Whittaker, founder and CEO of Rush South Arica, "Rush is going to fundamentally alter the way the courier business works. We are confident that our service offering will transform the users' courier experience while saving them time and money."

"Rush is offering customers up to R150 off their first delivery. All they have to do is download WeChat and follow Rush."

The Rush value proposition is built on aggregating numerous couriers who can then be chosen based on reputation, price or delivery time. And it is quite easy to use – simply download WeChat from your favourite app store, search for Rush and you will be able to send a parcel as easy as one, two and three.

One, customers inform Rush of their location and the destination of the parcel. Two, they outline the correct weight and dimensions of the parcel. Three, they choose a courier and/or a particular price or delivery option, such as Pronto, Same Day, Overnight or Budget. Payment is made directly on your phone, via a secure payment gateway and the parcel is then received at the place and time they have chosen.

"At present, Rush is affiliated to five courier companies - Courier Guy, Courier IT, Skynet, RTT and Globeflight – with more to be added in the near future. Rush carefully vets its couriers and has very strict service level agreements in place with them," says Whittaker.

Apart from being able to choose by price, delivery time, speed or courier reputation, explains Whittaker, Rush also provides the option to take insurance on parcels, underwritten by Hollard Insurance.

He adds that Rush also offers a large-scale service designed for businesses that courier more than 200 parcels per month, known as Rush for Business. This service can be operated from any PC and will enable the customer to benefit from further discounted rates and favourable payment terms.

"Rush is the logical choice. There is no need for time consuming, lengthy paper contracts and waybills as Rush automates these. It also allows users to transact securely, streamlining the payment process. It really is the most simple, convenient, affordable and efficient courier option. South Africa is on the cusp of a brand new future for the courier business, and that future is Rush for Mobile, powered by WeChat," he concludes.


For more information: contact the Rush support centre on 087 820 1748
Business contact: Glenn Whittaker | CEO Rush South Africa | 083 229 0632 |
Marketing and PR contact: Debbie Whittaker | Coolcumba Communications |083 273 5337 |

About Rush

Rush compares couriers, their prices and delivery services in real-time.

Rush powered by WeChat is a courier aggregator that manages the fulfilment of deliveries from the time a courier is chosen, through to the payment gateway, tracking and tracing of deliveries and offers support via a call centre.

Download WeChat V6.2.4 free from iTunes or the Play Store or visit for more information.

Follow Rush on WeChat ID: rushcourier

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