14 November 2013

Coolcumba Communications appoints Lebo Sekhoto

Coolcumba Communications welcomes Lebo Sekhoto to the team as Events Coordinator. Lebo achieved her Diploma in Hospitality Management in 2009 and her Higher Diploma in Events Management in 2010 from the Swiss Hospitality Management School in Caux, Switzerland. She gained her experience by working for companies such as Royal Sechaba (now known as Royal Mnandi), Hotel Institute Montreux and Rococo Restaurant.

Contact Lebo on lebo@coolcumba.com or +27 73 172 6619

24 October 2013

Coolcumba Communications has built the right team to show off your business

Coolcumba Communications has partnered with a team of display experts to design, construct, install and manage your business show case.

Whether you have an exhibition stand, display or shop fitting requirement, we will create a WOW solution with quality workmanship and professional onsite service.

It's all about first impressions... how do you STAND out, how do you attract customers, how do you SHOW off?

Click here for some inspiration...

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Project management
  • Exhibition stand concept and design
  • Shop fitting design and construction
  • System and custom built stands
  • Showcases
  • AV, sound, lighting and electrical hire
  • Furniture hire
  • Branding and signage
  • Promotional items, merchandise, clothing
  • Brand activation activities

Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, our services extend country-wide.
For more information, contact Kelly Conradie on +27 82 561 7531

4 September 2013

LUX* Resorts appoints impactChoice to reduce its environmental impact

LUX* Resorts, a leading group of hotels, has launched its "Tread Lightly" project to reduce its environmental impact and to further support sustainable hospitality and tourism development.

LUX* Resorts appointed impactChoice, provider of end-to-end environmental sustainability solutions, to implement key interventions that will strengthen its commitment to protect and maintain the environment.

Vishnee Sowamber, Tread Lightly project leader at LUX* Resorts says, "The protection of the environment is fundamental to us at LUX*. That is why we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint, with the hope that others will follow. We are engaging all our guests in our green initiatives as it is our responsibility to raise awareness and encourage our customers and colleagues to respect the environment."

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1 August 2013

Qualcomm, Eastern Cape Department of Health, FHI 360, MTN South Africa, and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University School of Clinical Care Sciences Announce Results of the Mobile Health Information System Project.

Today in South Africa, Qualcomm Incorporated, through its Qualcomm Wireless Reach™ initiative, the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH), FHI 360, MTN South Africa and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University School of Clinical Care Sciences (NMMU) announced second phase results and sustainability plans for the Mobile Health Information System (MHIS) project. Project stakeholders also announced that Qualcomm and FHI 360 have successfully transferred their MHIS responsibilities to ECDOH.

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28 June 2013

Futuresense delivers financial insight for African Rainbow Minerals

Futuresense, a Johannesburg-based performance management specialist and Oracle Gold partner, has developed a financial intelligence solution for diversified mining group African Rainbow Minerals (ARM). Replacing spreadsheets, the Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF) solution will provide vital financial information and the ability to compare various development projects currently in progress at ARM, as it seeks to expand its operations.

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16 May 2013

Coolcumba Communications celebrated International Pickle week in zest

1 May 2013

Coolcumba Communications has opened an office in Cape Town
For all marketing, promotional, advertising and events services, contact Kelly Conradie

January 2013

Announcement from Ariba, an SAP company

Catherine Hills has been promoted to the role of Regional Vice President for Africa at Ariba, an SAP company.
In this role, Catherine is responsible for the profitable revenue growth and innovation of the Commerce Services practice within the Africa region, focused on creating innovative solutions that assist with adopting the Ariba solution set and driving supplier network growth.

Contact Catherine on:
Tel: +27 21 680 4604
Cel: +27 83 603 0012
Email: chills@ariba.com

About Ariba:

Ariba is an SAP company. Through the Ariba Network, a cloud-based community of buyers and sellers, customers find opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, and grow revenue through better collaboration with trading partners.

5 November 2012

MoMo press release – announcement

Monday, November 12, 2012 networking from 5:00 PM

MoMo @ AfricaCom 2012

We are excited to announce the final details of MoMo @ AfricaCom which will be the BIGGEST Mobile Monday event ever on African soil!

Firstly and fore-mostly we can now announce our sponsors, our sponsors are MTN and Qualcomm! These are 2 of the biggest names in mobile and they will rock your world at the event, we can not reveal too much about what they will be doing at the event but let’s just say its all about your “Digital Sixth Sense” and it is sure to inspire, educate and inform everyone from entrepreneurs to marketers, designers, CEO’s, CMO’s and everyone in between!

We can also officially announce that we have a surprise mystery keynote guest who will be imparting their wisdom with all of you for a few minutes. This person has been an MD, CEO, founder, investor, Secret Seven fan ( :-) ) and much more and has had tons of life experience in his reasonably short life thus far. We can say no more at this stage but this person will blow your mind and inspire you!

If you still have not registered for this event go here

Mobile Monday “Bringing the mobile community together!”

Time: 5.00 for 6pm start
Date: 12th November 2012
Venue: Trinity Cape Town

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MoMo @ AfricaCom is the official prologue event to the MASSIVE AfricaCom conference happening from 13 to 15 November, this conference includes the co-located AfricApps conference we have partnered with AfricaCom to offer special VIP access to these events, please click here for more information.

Immediate release: Thursday, 29 May 2012

Internet economy contributes 2% to South Africa’s GDP; forecast to reach 2.5% by 2016

New Report by World Wide Worx provides the first and most comprehensive study of South Africa’s quiet economic engine: The Internet

A shiny new sports car may look beautiful, but without the quietly purring engine under the bonnet, it is little more than a stationary lump of metal. So too, South Africa’s economy, where flashy sectors like financial services are considered to be key drivers, when in fact it is what’s under the hood – in this case the Internet – that is important. A new study has revealed exactly how crucial the Internet economy is to the country’s future.

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Immediate release: Thursday, 24 May 2012

SME Survey 2012: SME slow to harness Cloud

Despite the clear benefits of Cloud computing, ranging from reduced costs to improved efficiencies, small and medium enterprise (SMEs) have yet to embrace this approach to technology use.

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Immediate release: Thursday, 8 March 2012

SME Survey 2012: No website could mean no business

Over a third of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are in danger of making themselves irrelevant to their customers. With an ever-increasing number of people searching online for products and services, the 37% of SMEs in South Africa with no Web presence are losing out on a major channel of communication.

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Immediate release: Thursday, 1 March 2012

Kumba Iron Ore boosts strategic decision-making with Hyperion Strategic Finance

Effective financial modelling is critical to the success of most large organisations, particularly in the current volatile economy. Being able to regularly analyse the impact of changing economic circumstances and production plans on business performance enables better strategic planning. For a mining company like Kumba Iron Ore, part of the Anglo American Group, the key to success was the implementation of Oracle’s Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF) financial modelling application.

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Immediate release: Thursday, 1 March 2012

Galvadip’s new premises will take customer service to superior levels

To build a successful business, one must be able to differentiate your offering from the competition. In today’s increasingly homogeneous world, probably the best means of differentiation is superior customer service. For Pretoria-based Galvadip, providing a high level of service is about more than just keeping its customer base happy; it is about improving their business operations.

Galvadip has some 25 years experience in the galvanizing business and has a reputation as a company with the ability to solve complex galvanizing challenges. For example, it is the only such operator in South Africa that can galvanise electrical transformer oil coolers. Moreover, with a customer base that consists of steel fabricators, mines, automotive component manufacturers and air-conditioning and refrigeration manufacturers, it understands that for them, time is money.

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Immediate release: Thursday, 12 January 2012

SME Survey 2012: Competitive businesses are online

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that embrace technology are more competitive than those that do not. Recent findings suggest that with the current economic situation, fewer SMEs consider their businesses to be competitive. Despite this, those small to medium organisations which have an online presence still believe that their businesses remain top performers.

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Immediate release: Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SME Survey 2012: Small businesses recognise the value of a website

As more and more consumers start their search for products and services on the Internet, and with more companies moving online and reaping the benefit of their web presence, savvy South African SMEs are taking the importance of an online presence to heart.

That’s according to Arthur Goldstuck, principal researcher of the annual SME Survey, a unique study which assesses the competitiveness of this sector of the South African economy.

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